Staring at the Sea

Grief can feel like the most solitary of all journeys



Published on:

1st Mar, 2021

Episode 6

Published on:

6th Dec, 2020

Episode 5

Published on:

19th Nov, 2020

Episode 4

Published on:

21st Oct, 2020

Episode 3

Published on:

17th Sep, 2020

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About the Podcast

True Grief
Honest Conversations on losing a child, sibling, and grandchild.
The True Grief Podcast is present by the Compassionate Friends Queensland. This is an organisation that offers peer to peer support for people who have lost children, siblings or grandchildren. If you have sadly lost someone close to you or you are a friend, colleague or business trying to support a grief-stricken person we hope these conversations will give you an insight on how to help. These conversations will include conversations on grief, interviews with experts and advice for helping people.

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